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Merrell Moab Ventilator Shoes - Men & Women, Walnut


Merrell Moab Ventilator are the sporty, stylish and very durable shoes which will give you maximum support on the uneven and rough terrain. These boots have the same stunning performance like their big bother Merrell Moab Ventilator Mid. They have ultimate built quality which makes them long lasting and durable. They have ventilated materials used in their construction which allows the fresh air to enter the shoes in order to maintain fresh interior environment. The upper is made from the mesh and leather combination. This combination provides durability, strength and breathability at the same time. The mesh enables the air to pass in the boots and keep the interior cool, dry and fresh during hot summer trekking. The tongue is bellowed which prevents the dirt and debris from entering the shoes. The tongue also provides comfort during tight fastening of laces. The heel has the counter and the toe has bumper made from the rubber. This counter and bumper enhances the durability of these shoes and also gives you protection from any accidental bumps or hit on the rocky terrain. The lining is made from the soft mesh which is deliver stunning breathability to maintain odorless, fresh and dry wearing. The mesh has been treated with the Aegis™ antimicrobial technology which keeps the feet free from bacteria and odor. The footbed is 4.5 millimeters thick and it has the anatomical design. This footbed molds as per the shape of your foot to give you personalized fit and supreme comfort. The foot-frame is made from the EVA which is very lightweight material often used in the athletic shoes due to its amazing shock absorbing ability. The arch shank is made from the nylon 6.6 which deliver amazing arch support for maximized comfort. The midsole is made from the Merrell Air Cushion which has great shock absorbing ability as well. This cushioning system deliver stunning comfort and reduces the stress on your legs and spine. The outsole is made from the Vibram Multi-Sport TC5+ rubber which is durable and flexible outsole and it is preferable for the rough terrains. The outsole also has 5 millimeters deep lugs which gives you unbelievable grip on wet and dry; rocky and rough terrains. These shoes are strong, durable and flexible thanks to their slip lasted construction. It weighs 14 ounces as per size 9. You can find this style in these colors: Walnut, Earth, Black Night and Denim Blue/ Beluga.


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Customer Reviews


Lee from Waynesville, NC

I have had two pairs of this brand, the first was the low cut Moab and the second the mid height, Gore Tex Moab. Both were excellent shoes in terms of comfort and durability. Both were wide width to accommodate my needs. I let myself buy two other brands of shoes which seemed wide enough and comfortable enough, but after a few months, I realized I had made a mistake. So I have gone back to Merrell for my outdoor shoes, and unless there is some dramatic change in the quality or comfort, there will be Nothing But Merrell for me from here on out.

Eyemdug from Brazil, IN

3rd pair of Men's Moab and haven't found a better all around shoe for the price. I have a bad back and walk 4 miles a day on a mix of pavement, gravel and grass. These shoes offer the best support and traction. They are as comfortable as a tennis shoes, but hold up 100% better. I'd not hesitate to recommend if you want a good, durable shoe for a very reasonable price.

Rick from New York, NY

This Moab is a very comfortable, stable and cushioning shoe. But, in these dog days we're having with climate change, the Moab Ventilators are as much ventilators as a snowflake is a blizzard. And they still can't get their sizing standardized. If other articles of clothing were as arbitrary in their sizing as these, ordering online would be a complete nightmare. Order a half-size larger than normal on these. If you want ventilation, Waterpro Manistee is a ventilated shoe. And though not as cushioning as the Moab, it's a decent and versatile summer shoe that will keep your feet cool on the hottest days.

BK Hiker from Louisville, KY

I bought these shoes as casual, everyday shoes instead of wearing running shoes all the time. I did not buy them for hiking (I use over the ankle boots for support), so I cannot comment on its hiking capabilities, but the tread looks capable. Overall, they are comfortable shoes. They feel very lightweight and have good venting. They are a little warmer than running shoes for comparison. The only negatives so far is that if I am standing for a long time in one place, the heel cushioning does not feel very good, however, I have no problems while moving. The second one is a very minor item and is appearance related, but the tongue seems on the large, puffy side on the top. It looks like you could cut it off by 1/2" and still be functional.

Sean from MD

I've been buying Merrell footwear 6 years. The very first product I bought from them was the Sawtooth boots which just this year are finally worn down. After those boots, I bought the Jungle Moc for everyday wear in 2008. Those just wore out this year as well. They were great shoes and very comfortable. Now I just bought the Moab Ventilator and I love them. They are very comfortable and have great traction. The first night I had them, it snow and then we had freezing rain. These gave me great traction in the snow and ice when taking out the trash. There's not break in period. From now on it's them or nothing. I can't wait to go hiking in these.

RufusECU13 from Triad, NC

One of the more comfortable pair of shoes I have placed on my feet in a long while. The arch support is superb and the stability of the shoe is impeccable; they are not the most attractive shoe on the market but I will trade the unattractiveness of the shoes for the comfort any day. I would recommend these 'skids' for anyone who wants to feel like they are walking on clouds. I use them daily and do not have that tired foot feeling at the end of the day anymore.

Mike the MET FAN from New York

I purchased this shoe because my orthopedic Doctor recommended them because I have a flat foot. I wear orthotics and also needed a little more toe room to avoid constant pain in both feet. This shoe was wonderful, I walked all day with no pain at all. I look forward to buying more of a sneaker in the future ,but this is a must buy if your have problems with your feet and need a good stable all around shoe that is orthotic friendly.


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